Our Roots

Pictured: David and Melody Goodson with their four children.

In 1972, Roy Goodson began managing a small pecan grove in his hometown of Barwick, Georgia. He used his love and knowledge of agriculture to cultivate and care for pecan trees that produced quality pecans. While working a full-time job as a County Extension Director in Lee County, Roy, his wife Ruth, and their family spent much of their free time nurturing and managing those groves. Even after his retirement from UGA Extension, Roy continues to enjoy working in the pecan groves.

In 1990, David Goodson (Roy and Ruth’s youngest son) and his wife Melody began selling shelled pecan halves and pieces as well as a few gourmet flavors online and at a few festivals around South Georgia. Over the years, they have developed unique and award winning gourmet flavors as well as a full line of all natural pecan butters. This retail and manufacturing business has seen much growth and development since it began. As it continues to grow, the Goodson’s look forward to what is in store for the future.